Department of Computer Systems and Networks

Training languages are English, Russian and Ukrainian.
Practical training in laboratories D-link, Cisco, GE-Fanuc, STMicroelectronic.
Computer Systems and Networks department has a good experience and results in collaboration with universities and research centers from UK, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Russia. Department took a part in implementation of national and international projects (Tempus, FP) in area of computer systems and technologies for aerospace, telecommunication, NPPs and other applications. Department's staff took a part in different kind of exchange programs and pass the in-deep training in universities of London, Newcastle (UK), Stuttgart (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Seoul (South Korea).



The program of course covers all basic aspects of software and hardware engineering, including:

These modules will help students gain sufficient familiarity with the concepts and the language of computer systems and also allow them to communicate with colleagues with a real understanding of the problems associated with the application of computer systems in modern engineering environments.

To support theoretical study there are a set of corresponding lab-classes:

Besides specialized technical knowledge, the program of course includes studying of natural science disciplines:

MASTER'S degree


The program of course provides an advanced knowledge in a following disciplines:

The curriculum for course Computer Systems and Networks includes intensified study of the modern information technologies:

Specialists on CSN deal with the development of software, designing, adjustment and administration of computer systems and networks of different complexity levels (local, corporative, global).

MASTER OF SYSTEM PROGRAMMING (SP) - (1.5 years of training)

The program of course incorporates disciplines of CSN with additional modules devoted to:

Specialists on SP deal with the development of software hardware-software solutions, multi-processor systems, distributed data processing systems for different applications.


The students, who are trained in the Specialized Computer Systems obtain knowledge in the area of information technologies similar to the Computer Systems and Network. In addition to this they study:

Specialists in SCS deal with development of hardware and software for embedded computer systems and networks: from the onboard computer complexes to the corporate network solutions.

Additional selected modules:

Besides, the Department of Computer Systems and Networks propose specialty for MSc
CRITICAL COMPUTING (1.5 years of training)
( including 6 modules:

PhD degree

3 years of training

Major subjects:

  1. Automated systems and advanced information technologies
  2. Control systems and processes
  3. Computers, systems and networks

Leading instructors:

Kharchenko Viacheslav Sergeyevich – Professor, D. Sc.

Main published works:

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Babiy Sergey Mikhailovich - Associate Professor, Cand. Sc.

Main published works:

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