As in any other modern higher educational institution, at the KhAI the international cooperation is a strategic direction to activity, which is aimed at the integration of the university as a whole and its separate subdivisions into world educational space. Such sort of activity promotes the establishment of strategic partner relations with higher educational institutions abroad as well as gives possibilities to get extra-budget financing from international funds, programs acting in the educational sphere.

The KhAI takes part in the following programs:

  1.  Program of Tempus/HORIZON2020 European Community
  2.  Scholarship programs of the DAAD German Service Academic Exchange
  3.  The Fullbright Academic Exchange Program
  4.  Erasmus +


The Program of Tempus/ HORIZON2020 European Community

is one of several programs of the European Community, directed on rendering the assistance in the process of social and economic reforms in partner-countries. The Tempus Program gives the grants for creation of new or the transformation of already existing scholastic courses, restructuring of educational institutions, promotion of joint activity for the organizations (academic and non-academic) on a specific discipline.

The information about the Tempus/ HORIZON2020 as well as related documents can be found on the following website:

The Scholarship Program of DAAD German Service Academic Exchange Service

is a program, aimed at supporting international cooperation in the sphere of higher education and exchange programs (in both directions, i.e. to support germen's staying abroad and foreigners' staying in Germany with the purpose of getting education).

The information about the DAAD program and the documents may be found on the following websites:

The Fullbright Academic Exchange Program

is a program of practical training for young teachers of higher educational institutions, scholarships for carrying out research studies or for delivering lectures at the universities of USA, program of scientists exchange for American researchers and lecturers , scholarships for training at the universities of USA. The purpose of the program is to extend the exchange of scientific information, strengthening of cooperation between scientific communities of Ukraine and USA, granting the possibilities for scientific activity in a broad spectrum of social and humanitarian problems.

The information about the Fullbright academic exchange program as well as related documents can be found on the following website:


is the new European Union program for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport. Set to last until 2020, the program will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience, and volunteer abroad.

The information about the Erasmus+ as well as related documents can be found on the following website:


The LEADHER program aims to increase and improve South-South as well as North-South cooperation among higher education institutions in order to strengthen research capacity and research management in universities, in particular in developing countries.

The Information about the LEADHER as well as related documents can be found on the following website: