National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico City, Mexico

In 2014 KhAI and the National Polytechnic Institute IPN signed a cooperation agreement which includes scientific exchange, training, joint publications, as well as participation in international programs.

National Polytechnic Institute is the most important scientific and technological academic center in Mexico. It has 293 majors, 78 of them are technical majors and 80 - economic, humanitarian, social and natural sciences majors. There are also postgraduate training, which allocated 135 specialized courses. About 170,000 students were graduated from IPN, and among them there are 16,000 research workers now. IPN has 15 scientific schools on Physics, Mathematics, Medicine, Administration, Humanitarian, etc., 20 research institutes and establishments distributed over 22 different states and private research TV channel «OnceTV». Over 70 years of hard work have shown the role of institution in higher education, science and technology in Mexico, and IPN became a national leader in education with broad public recognition.

Every year KhAI accepts a group of undergraduate and graduate students from the National Polytechnic Institute for Summer courses related to the development of automatic control systems and unmanned aircraft complexes (Department 305), as well as modeling and aerodynamic development schemes of miniature autonomous aircraft (Department 101).

Department 305 of KHAI has cooperation and joint work with students of IPN. So in 2014 – 2015 KHAI’s Student Scientific Club managed by Professor Firsov and students of IPN established drone which can perform autonomous flights on a given route. It has automatic takeoff and landing, can putting into effect the photo and video shooting of underlying surface and transmit information in real time regime.Today IPN offers a wide range of opportunities to undergo training to students, teachers and researchers of KhAI, as well as training courses within joint projects.

As part of this cooperation graduate students of Department 305 V.A. Vassiliev and I.V Zhezhera currently are trained in IPN in the framework of project on UAV functional automatic control system.

Turin Polytechnic University (TPU), Italy

Integration of young scientists and specialists of Ukraine to the European and international community is imperative of our time. To implement this task there are a variety of ways. One of them is to prepare students for joint programs and in close collaboration with leading specialized universities. The idea of teaching KhAI students in Turin Polytechnic University originated in 2008 during the visit of the KhAI Rector Vladimir Stanislavovich Krivtsov to Italy. That year it was signed a memorandum of understanding for such a cooperation. In 2010 it was approved the general agreement which determines principles of collaboration. According to the approved plan, students study for two years in the National Aerospace University, and then - two years in Turin Polytechnic University, and after graduation they get Bachelors Diploma on «Aerospace engineering». Along with training in Italy, students continue their studies at KhAI, they study relevant subjects, and also get a Bachelors Diploma in Ukraine.

After graduating from the Polytechnic University of Turin and KhAI Bachelors will have the opportunity to continue their education and obtain a Master's degree in Ukraine and abroad.

Otto von Guericke university, Magdeburg, Germany

In 2010 a framework agreement on the development of academic and research was signed between the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" (hereinafter KhAI) and the University of Otto von Guericke, Magdeburg, Germany (hereinafter UOfH). Under this agreement associate professor N.V. Rudenko was on probation in Magdeburg in 2014. The goal of the internship was to combine two fields of study: teaching and research.

In 2011 a Ukrainian-German contract about dual education programs with receiving Bachelor degree in logistics was signed between KhAI and UOfH. Under this program, students Margarita Hlypina (2013), Paul Lysenko (2014) and Bohdan Tolostoy (2015) were directed to study at the University of Magdeburg and now studying successfully.

One of the events in the logistics industry in Europe is the annual international conferences that University of Otto von Guericke University provides together with the Institute of Logistics and handling (ILM) and Fraunhofer Institute (IFF), which involve scientists and business leaders from East and West Europe. From 2013 KHAI staff regularly takes part in Magdeburg Logistics Days and makes presentations.

Fraunhof company promoting applied research, Magdeburg, Germany

Since 2009 KhAI is working with Fraunhof company promoting applied research (Magdeburg, Germany) in the field of virtualization buildings. The agreement was concluded for the research work "Research opportunities for flying development platform based on electric helicopter for buildings photo shooting". KhAI scientists had to solve a number of new challenges for the creation and piloting of flying platform and develop methods of processing the received digital photographs with the ability to build 3D-digital model of the building to within 1 centimeter.

It was developed a control system of helicopter "Hiroba" electric model with the autopilot, a ground unit of measurement systems, laser range finder, video support and a camera "Nikon". Test photos of Magdeburg Bismarck column showed high quality images and virtual 3D-model.

The next step in mutual collaboration is the development in the field of virtualization software digital photos of buildings, its testing and providing the working version for the general public.

Working with cybernation of electric helicopter will allow to reach the development of another type of aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing and horizontal flight with "hanging" mode – the so-called "multicopter." The experience of helicopters helped to create in KhAI such devices as "seksticopter" and "quad rotor".

Linnaeus University, Vyekshe, Sweden

In 2011 the agreement was signed between the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute” and the Faculty of Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics of Linnaeus University, Sweden, and it includes improvement of education and research opportunities for their students and staff, academic exchange, joint publications and participation in joint projects.

Linnaeus University is a leading educational institution in Sweden. Linnaeus University is the State University in Småland, southern province of Sweden. It consists of two buildings located in Vaxjo and Kalmar. The University was founded in 2010 after the merger of the University of Vaxjo and Kalmar College and named after Carl Linnaeus.

The University consists of School of Business and Economics and 4 faculties with about 5,000 students. In 2012 KhAI’s student of 667 group Artem Syromyatnykov took part in a competition and won the opportunity to be trained in Linnaeus University as exchange student.

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

In 50s years KhAI was the founder of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, so every year since 2009, the Chinese government provides KhAI with 3 scholarships for its students to study in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

BUAA is one of the 16 leading universities, which have priority support of the Government of China. At present time 23,000 students study in BUAA. The University offers training in 63 Doctoral majors, in 144 Master majors and in 52 Bachelor majors. Every year more than 1000 foreign students enter BUAA to be trained in different majors including learning Chinese. Foreign students are trained in all majors is English.

Bachelors and Masters from KhAI who wish to continue their studies in China can take part in the competition for scholarships. The scholarship covers the cost of training, dormitory, insurance and daily needs. Today, nearly 30 students who were enrolled to BUAA are studying in China currently.

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), China

In 2007 KhAI began cooperation with other leading university in China - Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), located in Nanjing - the ancient capital of southern China. The University has two campuses, the overall area of 160 hectares. NUAA consists of 10 colleges, 50 research institutes and 58 laboratories.

In March 2007 the universities signed an agreement on joint training of Chinese students according to undergraduate and graduate programs. According to this agreement (the program is called "2 + 2") Chinese students study in NUAA for the first two years and the next two years they study in KhAI. Each year three teachers from KhAI come to NUAA to teach Chinese students. Upon completion of training, students defend their dissertations and receive BCH diplomas of both universities.

In 2015 it was released the fifth graduation of the 11 Bachelors, most of them defended Bachelor's work with distinction. Also in 2015 the first group of future Bachelors in "Avionics" in the number of 17 students started the training in KHAI. Also in 2015 it was recruited the first group of Chinese students according to this program in "Missile and Space Systems" direction.

Every year universities carry out the exchange of delegations, which involve leading experts of universities departments. Since 2013 teachers KhAI take part in international summer schools of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. During these meetings the possibilities of expanding educational and scientific cooperation are discussed.

National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico CONACYT, Mexico

KhAI is the only university of Ukraine, who won the right to be a CONACYT partner. For a long time National Aerospace University "KhAI " is working closely with the National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico CONACYT. Council was established on December 29, 1970 as a structural unit of the educational sector of the Public Federal Administration of the United States of Mexico. CONACYT is the organization responsible for policy development in the field of science and technology in Mexico. One of the directions of the board is to provide scholarships to Mexican students to obtain a Master's degree or PhD degree. Since 2002 over 35 Masters and Doctoral students from Mexico were trained in KhAI according to CONACYT grants.

ERASMUS + programs

In 2016 it was started the program of academic mobility with the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) and the University of the Basque Country (Spain), according to which KHAI’s students and staff have the opportunity to study for a semester at one of the partner universities abroad in the following areas:

Aircraft design;
Engineering in Automatic Control, Robotics and Applied Informatics;
Engineering in Applied Mechanics.

International Summer School in KhAI

Since 2006 KhAI regularly hosts international summer school. Citizens of Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Germany are studying in such fields of study: "Airplanes and helicopters", "Сomposite materials", "Aircraft engines". Students of summer schools have the opportunity to attend lectures and practical classes on the following topics:

The design of aircraft and aeroelasticity;
Types and use of composite materials, their production technology, mechanics, etc.;
The type and design of aircraft engines, scope and others.

Additionally, for each group of students it is organized a visit to Aircraft Manufacturing Company "Lilienthal", Research Institute for physical modeling aviation-training center "Rotor-Ukraine", Training Center CAD / CAM / CAE . Students can visit research laboratories, such as hydraulics laboratory, laboratory of wind energy, wind tunnel hall and other departments.

Baltic Aviation Academy (BAA Training), Lithuania

National Aerospace University KhAI and Baltic Aviation Academy (BAA) launch joint project on training engineers in aircraft maintenance with EASA pilot license starting from September 2016. BAA Training is European standard aviation training centre, where the experience of tailored training solutions is wrapped in the personal care.

BAA Training headquarters is in Lithuania and counts more than 20 years of experience in aviation training, while its heritage reaches 1938 – the establishment of the Lithuanian airlines training department. In addition to training base in headquarters it is able to offer training solutions in various Europe, CIS and Asia locations.

KhAI and BAA offer joint training program that will allow students to obtain both qualified engineering degree and commercial pilot license.

According to the program students are trained for 2.5 years on the bachelor’s degree course in Aircraft Maintenance at KhAI and 1.5 years on the pilot training course with EASA license at BAA.

After graduation students obtain bachelor’s degree in aircraft maintenance and CPL or ATPL commercial pilot licence. This will allow KhAI graduates to become competitive in both aeronautical engineering and civil aviation. The program raises graduates’ chances to find prestigious and highly-paid job all over the world as for instance an average salary of the specialist in aviation industry in Europe is 4K EUR per month.